Data monetisation for people and planet

We reinvent the way sustainability premiums are paid and distributed to farmers using blockchain technology

What we do

Establishing zero-deforestation supply chains is complex and expensive. A key challenge is ensuring that sustainability premiums are paid to those that deserve them - farmers practicing climate positive agriculture. Another challenge is incentivizing farmers to provide data that companies and certifiers need to prove sustainability. By monetizing data and replacing premium payments with blockchain-based data access fees, we are addressing both of these problems. Companies get the data they need and farmers get the premiums they deserve. 


By replacing middlemen with blockchain technology, companies pay less and farmers and communities earn more compared to current premium payment systems.


Premiums paid in the form of data access fees are distributed instantly and companies can track the payments in real time back to the farmer. No more wondering if and when farmers get the payments they deserve. 


Our blockchain based traceability application is completely free for farmers, cooperatives, and other upstream actors to establish digital traceability systems. 


In the field


About us 

Gaiachain provides low-cost, user friendly payment tools at the landscape level. Our team is made of experts in tropical forest governance. We created Gaiachain to pivot from reporting problems to solving them. Our unique field-based knowledge means we are well-positioned to find practical solutions to complex problems.

Brad Mulley


Founding Director

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Forest & Gender Expert


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